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TEC Canada - CEO Chair

TEC Canada is a member-based peer advisory organization of over 1,500 chief executives, entrepreneurs and business owners from across Canada.

For over 60 years, TEC has been helping leaders achieve success through the power of confidential group meetings, one-to-one executive coaching, business thought leadership and a global network of over 22,000 business leaders.

Before selling and exiting Pricing Solutions in 2019, Paul was a TEC speaker and saw first-hand how TEC members helped each other achieve great results – personally and professionally. With the TEC community deeply resonating with Paul, he decided to assume the role of TEC Chair to provide a unique perspective to the TEC experience and champion the growth of today’s business leaders.

As a TEC Chair, Paul surrounds himself with dynamic leaders and steers the group in the direction of persistent pursuit of growth, innovation, and personal excellence.

Paul Hunt works with high performance CEO's who want to connect with other CEO's to become better leaders and accelerate company growth.

In this video, Paul Hunt, Chair at TEC Canada, explains how Canadian CEOs can benefit from joining TEC Canada.

Paul is also a certified mindfulness meditation instructor.  He believes passionately in the power of mindfulness to help people increase their resilience and lead happier lives. Click here for more information.

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