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Paul Hunt is recognized as a dynamic professional with over 35 years of business leadership experience – including the successful venture of building and selling an international consulting firm. Equipped with an MBA from Ivey Business School, Hunt’s formal education and real-world experience have prepared him to advise, lead, and help others build impactful businesses.


In 1993 Paul founded Pricing Solutions, a consulting firm dedicated to helping clients achieve significant growth in market share and profitability. During his tenure, Pricing Solutions achieved international success and advised leading companies such as Lego, John Deere, GE, Slack, J&J, Molson, Nestle, Pfizer, Scotiabank, Rexel, ABB, Michelin, Medtronic, McDonald’s, LexisNexis, Exxon and FedEx adding billions to their bottom lines.  In addition to global companies, Paul’s clients included small and medium-size entrepreneurial firms with dynamic leaders committed to excellence.​


On a personal note, Paul is the proud father of one wonderful daughter, Julia, and is happily married to his wife Mary where they live in Toronto with their dog Puddles. Hunt leads an active lifestyle including being a mindfulness/meditation instructor, regularly exercising, belonging to a Men’s Book Club, and being a basketball enthusiast.

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